Meet Sandy

Meet Sandy

Sandy Dempsey, CLC, is a Transformative Life Purpose Coach, Brennan Healing Science® Practitioner, Barbara Brennan Hands of Light® Certified Workshop Leader, business consultant, and author of Take Back Your Dreams: Prioritize Your Purpose, Regain Control of Your Time, and Create the Life You Want Before It’s Too Late.

Sandy Dempsey is a former executive now living the life of her dreams as an entrepreneur and transformative life coach, and energy healer. She works with women in mid-life who have dedicated themselves to their families, communities and careers for years and who are ready to reclaim their dreams. She helps them prioritize what’s important to them, regain control of their time and create an action plan to build the life they want before it’s too late.

Sandy is uniquely suited to helping these overachieving, busy, successful women create a clear vision of their dream lives and the action plan to achieve it as she has been doing the same thing for herself and her clients for years.

Sandy has had more jobs and side hustles than a dozen people combined. She has been successful in four distinct and different careers and has worked in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, operations, transportation, finance and agriculture. She’s spoken at national trades shows and sat her expert panels. As her own boss she’s sold products online, published a newsletter, consulted with small business owners, taught classes and led workshops, created events and worked in private practice as a life coach and energy healer.

In each position from entry level to executive to entrepreneur she learned something about herself. Never one to sit on the sidelines and settle, she took what she learned and what she loved about each and expanded her vision of what she wanted to do and how she wanted to live her life.

Sandy knows what it’s like to be busy and overwhelmed. In addition to working full-time, and running her own businesses, she’s been a full-time caregiver. She had to learn how to prioritize what was important to her and regain control of her time so she wouldn’t be consumed by these roles. She focused on a bigger vision for her life and continuously created and recreated what it meant to live her very best life. She can relate to her clients and shares her experience so they too can focus on their dreams and create a full and exciting life that integrates all their interests, gifts, and talents, bringing them a depth of joy and fulfillment they’ve never known.

Sandy’s love of learning and focus on personal development led her to receive her Life Coach Certification from The Life Purpose Institute® in 2020. Sandy graduated in 2023 from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing®, the only international, four-year training program for healers and is currently enrolled in the advanced studies program.

As a Transformative Life Purpose Coach & Energy Healer, Sandy shares her own experiences and knowledge to work with her clients to help them define, create and manifest a full and exciting life that integrates all of their interests, gifts, and talents, bringing them a depth of joy and fulfillment they never knew was possible. Her clients move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to having a plan and living the life they've always wanted.

Sandy works with clients both in-person at her East Wenatchee, WA office and online via Zoom. She travels and teaches her lifechanging workshops around the United States.