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What if you could live in alignment with your life's purpose? Live a life of meaning? Let go of your limiting and false beliefs? Experience more joy, love, fulfillment and greater abundance?

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Hannah S.

Sandy is an absolute gem! She has helped me discover and stay focused on the highest path for me. She breaks daunting tasks down to more easily achievable ones and holds me accountable for them. All the while, keeping focused on the bigger picture, a life you love!

Sep 14, 2022
Magda H.

After every session, I feel renewed and energised, calmer and more grounded. Sandy helps me focus on a bigger picture and brings up images and feelings that are truly connected to my Higher Self. I can then see how unimportant is the wondering of my mind :)

Sep 14, 2022
Rachael H.

Every time I participate in a healing session with Sandy, I benefit. I have benefitted physically, mentally, and emotionally. I feel truly grateful to be able to work with her, as she truly has a gift.

Sep 14, 2022


5 Reviews

Rhonda Buston

10 January 2024

10 January


I have received/experienced two energy healing appointments. One in person and one long distant. Both we absolutely amazing. I have experienced several heale...
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Crypto Clairs

06 October 2023

06 October


I'm one of Sandra's remote-healing clients, meaning, she gives me healings over long-distance. I can say without a doubt that the long-distance healings from he...
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