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Meet Sandy

Sandy Dempsey, CLC, is a Transformative Life Purpose Coach, Brennan Healing Science® Practitioner, Barbara Brennan Hands of Light® Certified Workshop Leader, business consultant, and author of Take Back Your Dreams: Prioritize Your Purpose, Regain Control of Your Time, and Create the Life You Want Before It’s Too Late.

Sandy Dempsey is a former executive now living the life of her dreams as an entrepreneur and transformative life coach, and... Keep Reading

Life Purpose Coaching & Brennan Healing Science

Sandy combines life coaching, and Brennan Healing Science to help you reduce stress, relax, and discover what it is you really want.

Working together you will begin to shift your mindset, clear blocks, and learn to appreciate your uniqueness, intelligence, and creativity.

You will begin to manifest and bring into physical reality what you most long to create.

Working with Sandy you can move from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to living ... Keep Reading

Work With Sandy

Sandy works with clients via one-on-one sessions in East Wenatchee, online via Zoom or over the phone.

She also works with groups, teaches classes and workshops and leads retreats around the country. Check out the Events tab to see what exciting opportunities are available to deepen contact with your soul's longing and manifest the life of your dreams.

Reach out today and schedule a session with Sandy.

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Manifest Your Dreams

What if you could live in alignment with your life's purpose? Live a life of meaning? Let go of your limiting and false beliefs? Experience more joy, love, fulfillment and greater abundance?